verizon-iphone1This isn’t confirmed yet, but if true, this will open up the doors for a whole new batch of consumers for the iPhone. According to USA Today, Apple and Verizon are working on an iPhone for release in 2010. This will definitely be different from the current iPhone as Verizon runs on a CDMA network as opposed to AT&T which implements a GSM network. Apart from that, specs about this new iPhone is pretty scarce at the moment, but for those who are loyal customers of Verizon or any other CDMA-based network for that matter, this news of a CDMA-based iPhone is probably good enough on its own.

From a business stand-point, the release of a CDMA iPhone will further boost the already impressive sales of the iPhone to staggering new heights, but Apple’s thinking isn’t exactly that predictable. Even now, we still can’t understand why they still continue to make the iPhone an exclusive commodity for AT&T in the US. Be that as it may, it’s hard to argue with them especially with all the success they’ve had with their little darling, the iPhone, despite all the criticisms that have been thrown their way.