Here’s the latest addition to the growing Omnia family from Samsung, the Omnia Pro. This hasn’t officially been announced just yet, but word is, this new Omnia will be released sometime in July.

Samsung Omnia Pro

Similar to the HTC Touch Pro, the Samsung Omnia Pro is expected to come with a full QWERTY keypad differentiating it from the previous Omnia phones, the Omnia and Omnia HD. Apart from that, reports that it will also come with a 3.5-inch WVGA 800x480 touchscreen display, 5-megapixel autofocus camera with flash, image stabilizer, video recording capabilities, and Windows Mobile 6.1 running the show. It was also note, however, that the OS can be upgraded once Windows Mobile 6.5 is released later this year. The image above is just a mock-up, but we certainly wouldn't mind if looked exactly like the rendering provided.

Price of the Samsung Omnia Pro is expected to be in the €500 or $662 USD region. It’s definitely not cheap, but as most phones with high-end features aren’t exactly known to be the most affordable devices in the market, you can say we’re not completely surprised by its pricing.