The exclusivity of the iPhone 3G to AT&T in the US has helped the carrier gain some leverage in the market, and that very same approach is what Sprint hopes to take advantage of when they release the Palm Pre later this year.


In an effort to dismay consumers from getting the Palm Pre on Sprint, AT&T has apparently sent out this internal document highlighting the benefits of getting the iPhone 3G as opposed to the new Palm smartphone. We’re not completely sold on all of the arguments proposed here especially the one that takes a jab at the Palm Pre for being limited only to black, but some points are quite valid such as the lack of global roaming. Likewise, it’s hard to look past the biased angle considering that this comparison was done by AT&T and its main purpose is to convince people to get the iPhone 3G.

Nonetheless, it is a handy comparison of some of the more salient features of both devices. So, the question now is, are you convinced that the Palm Pre is still no match for the iPhone 3G or the other way around? Personally, we’re not buying into this marketing crap, but given that majority of the networks around the globe are GSM networks, the lack of GSM compatibility is a serious drawback that could turn-off a lot of potential buyers.