The Garmin-Asus alliance had already previously announced two phones, the nuvifone G60 and the M20, but we have yet to see either of the two become available in the market.


Reuters, however, reports that a Garmin-Asus LiMo powered phone will be unveiled this June. Given that the M20 is Windows Mobile-based, it’s most likely the nuvifone G60 being alluded to in the report. No price was mentioned, but it seems like AT&T will be the first mobile carrier to offer it up.

This is, of course, not definite yet, but any news of the nuvifone’s release is certainly most welcome since it has already been over a year since the concept of such a phone was first mentioned. Hopefully, there won’t be anymore delays regarding its release especially now that Garmin’s got Asus behind their back to help them out along the way.