Nokia is still clearly ahead on the international scene, but Samsung is slowly inching ever so closer to the Finnish company’s #1 ranking as the top selling mobile phone manufacturer in the world. As a matter of fact, Samsung may possibly score a victory over Nokia in Europe if their current performance is any indication of the things to come.


Samsung has consistently been #1 in Canada for the last year, and with a commanding 25% control of the touchscreen phone market, their success in Europe doesn’t come as a complete surprise. Based on a report by the GF Market research group, Samsung is the most popular mobile phone in France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia and the UK. Likewise, 30% of the total number of handsets in Italy, Russia and the Netherlands are Samsung phones which is a pretty significant figure for a non-European brand. Nokia probably still has more, but Samsung has definitely improved on their performance and if they keep this up, they should be able to wrestle the leadership from Nokia in the European market soon.