We haven’t heard about the Sony Ericsson 12-megapixel Idou phone for quite a while, but this latest rumor might just be the thing to bring this yet-to-be-released mobile phone back into the limelight.


According to mobile.se, a Sony Ericsson PR rep from Germany has gone on record revealing that the Idou will go on sale in early October. If it doesn’t get released by then, it will definitely be out by November. However, when Gustaf Brusewitz of Sony Ericsson Sweden was asked to confirm this, he only reiterated that the company will release the Idou sometime in the 2nd half of 2009. We're certainly hoping that it will happen sooner than later as Sony Ericsson is in dire need of a break-out product that will help them get back into the thick of things.

For now, we can’t really say whether this is factual or just a rumor. Lets just hope that what they meant by “2H of 2009” was actually October or November of this year.