The release of the iPhone Skype app last week may have delighted most individuals, but a particular group of people aren’t exactly pleased with the limitation imposed on VoIP calls restricting them to WiFi connections only.


In fact, the group Free Press is urging the FCC to investigate the matter citing that this restriction was illegally "designed to cripple applications or hinder consumer choice for anti-competitive purposes." AT&T, however, replied through a spokesperson that "we have no obligation-nor should we have-to facilitate or subsidize our competitors' businesses." Apple has not commented on the issue.

The group Free Press is actually a movement committed to pursuing net neutrality across all platforms. Incidentally, Julius Genachowski, President Obama’s FCC chairman nominee, is a supporter of net neutrality which could work in favor of the Free Press group.

Chances are good that the FCC will investigate this matter. Whether they'll be able to force AT&T to allow VoIP calls over their 3G network is anyone's guess at this point, but we can only assume Skype VoIP calls via 3G would be a welcome treat for iPhone users.