Just as promised, an iPhone Skype app has just been released albeit being limited to Japan and other select regions for the time being. It’ll be unleashed to other parts of the globe via the App Store once your time zone hits the March 31st mark.

The good news is that it supports chatting on both WiFi and cellular connection. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about VoIP calls which is only limited to WiFi connections. You can likewise accept incoming conference calls, but sadly, you can’t initiate them. Video calling, file-transfer, and SMS support aren’t available on the iPhone Skype app as well. You can, however, use the camera on the iPhone to capture a photo for use in Skype or attach an image from your photo album. Best of all, the iPhone Skype app is free.

There’s also a BlackBerry app slated to be released in May, but as to its specifics, we’re still in the dark as to what this new iteration has to offer. We’re just hoping that it’ll be more like the Windows Mobile release as opposed to this iPhone version.


UPDATE: It's now available in the US as well. You can download here.