The latest figures from AdMob are in, and the results are not quite that surprising though it still is somewhat interesting.

As far as operating systems are concerned, Symbian still lords it over the competition internationally with 43% request while the OS X on the iPhone is hot on its heels at 33%. What’s interesting is that while Symbian leads the OS race, the iPhone is the top web browsing mobile phone used globally with the Nokia N70 at second place, and BlackBerry 8300 in third. The Nokia N80 and N73 are in fourth and fifth place. The iPhone also generated 50% of US mobile web traffic which come as a surprise since it was also noted in the same report that across each US carrier, a touchscreen phone was at the top of the pack. For the exact figures and more number crunching details, click here to get the report.

This just goes to show how Apple’s strategy to stick it out with just one phone model helped the iPhone dominate the global market in terms of mobile web browsing, and that touchscreen phones are the best cash cows in the US market today. Windows Mobile was hardly mentioned as a real threat to OS X/iPhone and Symbian/Nokia, but that might soon change when Windows Mobile 6.5 begins to roll out later this year.