Apart from the BlackBerry App World launching and possibly an iPhone Skype app as well, we’ve also now got the debut of the Opera Mobile 9.7 to look forward to next week.

This latest version of Opera Mobile features Opera Turbo, a new compression engine that provides data compression of up to 80%. This translates to an improved and faster browsing experience as well as reducing traffic congestion on the part of carriers. It will also come with Presto 2.2, a rendering engine used in Opera 10 for desktop computers, as well as support for a dynamic range of Web technologies including Ajax and Flash which has yet to become available on the iPhone and Android phone.

Here’s a short video previewing Opera Mobile 9.7 running on a Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1:

This is a timely update as the mobile internet browser scene is definitely heating up with Microsoft set to unleash mobile IE6 and FireFox Mobile entering the fray. Unfortunately, we still don’t know on what devices it will become available on or when it will happen. We’ll probably get those details once it's unveiled next week at CTIA. Stay tuned folks, this is going to be a good one.