Hot off the heels of news that mobile carriers turned down their prototype, Dell is reassuring the public that they are still on track as far as the development of their very first mobile phone is concerned albeit falling short of specifying an exact release date for it.

According to DigitTimes, Micheal Dell himself confirmed that their very first smartphone is indeed “on schedule” but didn’t mention anything to confirm or deny the mobile carrier snubbing issue. However, we now know that Dell will collaborate with Foxconn Electronics as far as the hardware of their very first handset offering is concerned. As to when it will be unveiled, we’re still pretty much left in the dark.

However, if you piece together the recent news regarding Dell’s attempt to break into the mobile phone biz, we could see both a Windows Mobile- and Android-based Dell mobile phone later this year with hardware parts courtesy of Foxconn Electronics. That's it for now, and we're desperately hoping that the next round of news concerning Dell's first mobile phone will reveal something more definite such as specs and an exact release date.