Thing are looking pretty bleak for the Sony Ericsson franchise as the sales figures for the first quarter of 2009 are in and it isn’t looking good.

Sales are down by a whopping 50% which is disturbing enough on its own, but when you factor in how much that actually costs, it becomes more apparent how much the company is loosing. That figure basically amounts to an insane €340-390 million or roughly $500 million in US dollars of lost revenue. They’re blaming it on weak consumer spending, but as Samsung, LG, RIM, and even Apple have proven, if you’ve got a quality product available, people will spend on it.

To make matters worse, we don’t exactly see anything bright in the future of Sony Ericsson as far as handsets are concerned. Sure, there’s the Idou and the promise of an Android phone, but apart from that, there’s really nothing to get us excited at the brand at this point in time. Hopefully, Sony Ericsson execs will find a solution to their current situation before it’s too late because if this continues on through the entire year, we might see them bid an untimely farewell to the industry.