As if the Skeleton Gold wasn’t enough to mock the living day lights out of the current global financial crisis, Gresso has outed yet another luxury phone in the form of the Lady Diamond.

As the name implies, this one’s specially designed for the ladies. It's design incorporates 18K gold, 4 white diamonds, genuine leather and “high-tech ceramic of Magenta Diamond color.” The now trademark transparent rear design embellished with the Gresso logo is also present. To further emphasis its uniqueness, only 8 units will go into production which is probably more than enough reason for them to slap it with a $5,500 price tag.

Feature-wise, it comes with a 2-megapixel camera, GPRS connectivity, Bluetooth, 2GB internal memory, Windows Mobile 6 standard and runs on a GSM network. There’s really nothing much to get excited about in terms of specs, but Gresso isn’t really known for making feature-filled devices.

If you’re interested in getting the special lady in your life a Gresso Lady Diamond, you’ll have to travel to Russia as it’ll only be available in the said country. Anyway, if you can afford this uber expensive mobile phone, traveling to the European side of the globe shouldn’t be much of a problem for you.