What’s the next best thing to do if you can’t afford or just can’t wait for the new HTC Touch Diamond2 to be released? Well, why not just install the latest ROM and apps found on the new HTC device on your Touch Diamond?

Thanks to the efforts of some generous individuals, they’ve ripped the latest ROM and apps from the HTC Touch Diamond2 and posted it online for all current Touch Diamond owners to enjoy. Here’s a sampling of some of the apps you can try out on your Touch Diamond:

• HTC Calculator 1.0.1822.4128
• HTC Album 2.5.1820.4127 w/ Social Networking
• Opera v9.5 build 15613
• Diamond 2 Sensor with apps regedit
• Diamond 2 QuickGPS 1.0.1911.1733
• Diamond 2 Keyboard with/without Arrows
• Diamond 2 Email Wizard
• Diamond 2 Volume Control 2.1.1911.2331

Be wary though that this isn’t sanctioned by HTC or considered legal by any stretch of the imagination so do proceed with caution. So, if you’re brave enough, head on over here to download the files you need.

After you’re done, do share with us how it goes for you as we certainly want to hear your take on it.