If you’re still not aware of it, Bell has lowered the price of their BlackBerry Storm to a more affordable $199.95. Of course, this is on a 3-year contract with a minimum of $45/month voice and data plan.

Unfortunately, while they may have reduced the price of the Storm by $50 on a 3-yr contract, the price still remains the same on the other plan terms. It retail price still stands at $549.95 on a 2-yr contract, and $649.95 on a single year. Likewise, the contract-free price still remains at $699.95.

Considering that Rogers will soon be offering a GSM version of the BlackBerry Storm, we expect both Telus and Bell to further reduce the price of their BlackBerry Storm especially when Rogers comes out with their counterpart of RIM’s first full touchscreen phone. However, for now, the $199.99 does seem to be quite an enticing offer, but we're certainly disappointed that just slashed the price on a 3-yr contract and did nothing to improve the price on the other plans.