Last year, the International Telecommunications Union predicted that by the end of 2008, global cell phone penetration would be at 50%.

Well, it seems that figure was still a conservative one as we just have learned from a United Nations report that global cell phone penetration is now at 60%. That basically means 6 out of ten people on the planet now has and uses a mobile phone. We’ve got the prepaid scheme to thank for this rapid growth as plan subscriptions have increased at a slower rate despite the proliferation of mobile phones. As a result, we can definitely see mobile services improving in the past couple of months as everyone is certainly trying to cash in on this huge growing market.

This is even made more impressive considering that back in 2002 only 15 % of the global population used mobile phones. That’s a significant improvement in less than a decade. At this rate, we wouldn’t be surprised at all if by 2012 nearly 90% of the entire human race were using mobile phones.