Not so long ago, LG Electronics Canada issued a recall of the LG 150 mobile phones since it no longer met the Radio Standards Specifications 102 (RSS 102) standards.

Though that issue didn’t really pose any problems, the latest recall concerning the LG 830 Spyder is a bit more serious than that. Apparently, around 30,000 LG 830 Spyder units are having some difficulty connecting to one of the most dialed numbers in desperate situations, 911. However, it should be noted that LG is actually taking a proactive stance again in this situation similar to how they tackled the LG 150 issue since they only received a single report with no injuries being reported as a result of the flaw. We applaud them for their initiative, but we're starting to wonder what the hell is going on with their quality control department.

The Spyder phones affected run on software version T83LGV03 and T83LGV04. If you think your one of the 30,000 who has a problematic unit, head on over here to find for a full disclosure of the problem by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

So far, this only concerns units bought in the US, but we're not yet sure if the LG Glimmer (the Canadian version of the Spyder) also comes with similar defects. We'll just have to wait for LG Canada to issue a statement regarding this issue before we start clamoring for a change of unit.