There are some companies that don’t really get affected by the current global financial crisis, and one such company is Gresso. Not at all threatened by consumers’ cutting back on unnecessary expenditure, Gresso has released another uber-expensive phone in the form of the Gresso Skeleton Gold phone.

Inheriting most of the design features of the Avantgarde Skeleton, this new iteration boasts of 23 functional keys that are “executed of 18k gold”, and a QVGA display that’s protected by a hand-polished 42K sapphire glass. Feature-wise, it’s got nothing new to offer, but we’re pretty sure that its new blinged out exterior is enough to entice high-society folks across the globe into buying it.

To further pressure would-be buyers into getting one, only 50 Gresso Skeleton Gold units will be sold. So, if you’ve got $4400 of change just lying around the house, then you can pick one up right now.