Even though we weren’t able to attend the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to experience all the goodies first-hand, we’ve got the internet to thank for bringing us all the latest MWC happenings. One particular launch that caught our attention was the announcement of Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system.

Thanks to our source, we now have a demo video of the mobile OS running on the new HTC Touch Diamond2.

The enhancements and added features look pretty good, and more importantly, it’s nice to see that they’ve finally upgraded their mobile OS to touch-generation standards.

However, the big question on my mind is; with such a late release this year, aren’t they afraid that consumers might opt to wait a couple more months for the arrival of Windows Mobile 7 next year? That is, unless, Microsoft is planning to unveil Windows Mobile 7 next year, but make it publicly available on devices in 2011. That would make a lot of sense, business-wise, but then again, that would also be plain evil.