The HTC’s delectable upgrade to the Touch Pro aptly named the Touch Pro2 has just been confirmed to be headed to the North American market.

This bit of news is courtesy of HTC's Twitter update which makes it sort of official:

And to answer the big question on everyone's minds, the Touch Pro2 will be broadly available in all major markets, including North America.

Unfortunately, aside from confirming its release in North America, they have yet to divulge when exactly this will happen and how much it’ll cost. Given its utterly sexy new look, we have no doubt that everyone’s dying to know these details, us included. No word yet on whether the Touch Diamond2 will also debut in the North American region, but we have no reason to believe otherwise.

Nonetheless, at least we now know that the Touch Pro2 is indeed headed for the North American market which is more than what we can say about one of the most talked about devices from last year, the Touch HD.