While for the most part there’s nothing overly exciting about the new Tempo line of smartphones from Acer, their approach to getting it into the market might be their winning formula.

From what we hear, they’re planning to offer it for free with contract. It’s still uncertain which carrier Acer will partner up with in the US, but both AT&T and T-Mobile have surfaced as the possible candidates. Of course, the plan price will also be of great significance. Since Acer has still yet to prove itself in the mobile phone industry, consumers may initially be skeptical. Hopefully, the service providers will take this into consideration and offer up a decently priced plan to bundle with the Tempo line so that it'll be more attractive to would-be buyers.

The fourth quarter of 2009 is the target roll out date for the Acer smartphones so we'll know by then who will carry these new phones as part of their Fall line-up.