Apart from the Sony Ericsson Idou 12-megapixel phone, we can also now count on LG to release a 12-megapixel phone this year as well.

Without revealing too much about this upcoming phone, LG Mobile head of marketing in the UK Jeremy Newing confirmed that they are indeed planning to release a 12-megapixel phone, but also gave this small reminder:

We’ll very much be releasing a 12MP cameraphone. However, it’s important that people realize when taking 12MP images, they’ll be using huge amounts of data, and it will be more difficult to do things like send such files.

Prior to the MWC, Samsung was also rumored to be unveiling a 12-megapixel phone in Barcelona, but alas, it seems that it was just a rumor. Hopefully, they just failed to meet the February deadline and that particular phone will still be released this year.

So, now that we have two of the big three possibly releasing a 12-megapixel shooter in 2009, will Nokia also join the 12-megapixel bandwagon this year as well? One can only speculate at the moment, but considering that they’ve finally released an 8-megpixel phone in the form of the N86, the chances of it becoming a reality have become more favorable.