For the most part, only US residents can receive SMS messages sent from Twitter on their mobile phone, but as of today, Bell subscribers can now also receive tweets on their mobile.

Canada is just one of the many other countries who will be getting two-way SMS services on Twitter this year that allow you to receive updates on your mobile phone as well as update Twitter via SMS. Here’s a quote from Biz Stone’s post regarding this delightful news for Canadian Twitter fanatics:

Our recently hired Director of Mobile Business Development, Kevin Thau is working hard to bring full Twitter SMS to your country. In fact, he’s in Europe right now trying to replicate our success with Bell Mobility. Stay tuned for more support all over the globe as we make progress. And fear not Australia—you’re on the list too!

So, if you’re on Bell and want to take advantage of this new feature, just head on over to the devices page on your Twitter account and customize your notification settings for the people you wish to keep track of. It’s also recommended that you select the device updates phone option from the home page menu as well.

No word if this new SMS service will become available on other Canadian networks such as Telus and Rogers in the near future, but as for the here and now, two-way SMS Twitter services are now live on Bell.