Here’s a little device that will certainly score Samsung big points with environmentalists.

The Blue Earth may be colored blue, but it's all green at heart. Aside from being made of PCM, a recycled plastic that comes from water bottles, it also features a built-in solar panel on the back and an eco mode that’ll adjust screen brightness, backlight duration and Bluetooth usage for more efficiency. It also boasts of an eco walk app which basically utilizes a built-in pedometer and tells you how much CO2 emission you’ve saved by opting to walk instead of driving. The packaging will be made of recycled material, and it’ll be bundled with an energy efficient charger as well.

Unfortunately, apart from the green aspects of the Blue Earth, very little is known regarding its exact hardware specs, pricing and availability. From what we hear, it could debut in the second half of this year in the UK, but wouldn’t it be such a shame if the Samsung Blue Earth didn’t become available elsewhere across the globe?