Those who didn’t get Verizon’s BlackBerry Storm in the hopes of landing a better deal this year will be happy to know that the time has come for you guys.

Amazon has just dropped the price of the BlackBerry Storm to just $99 when you sign up for a 2-yr contract on Verizon. What’s even better is that it’s an instant savings discount which means you no longer have to fill up and send in any of mail-in rebate forms and waiting for the check to arrive. Of course, you can’t switch to a lower plan within 181 days so as not to forfeit this exclusive offer, but this probably won’t be such a major issue since it's just 2 years as opposed to 3 years.

With such an enticing offer now available in the US, will we see a similar BlackBerry Storm sale happen in Canada? One can only hope at the moment.