This isn’t a surprising move at all, and to be quite honest, we're more amazed at how late Nokia’s decision is in coming up with an app store of their own.

They probably don’t feel the need and urgency considering that their #1 position in the mobile phone industry hasn’t been seriously challenged in the past couple of years. Nonetheless, if they truly want to stay ahead of the pack, a little innovation, some forward-thinking and taking risks are all part of the game. That’s what Apple did with their App Store and it certainly has paid dividends for them. Then again, Nokia hasn’t exactly made a name for itself for being on the cutting edge of modern technology and settings trends as of late. They do, however, know how to sell phones, and in business, that’s what matters the most.

The Nokia app store itself is already operational but it’s still currently in closed mode. The big announcement is expected to be made at the Mobile World Congress where we’re hoping that further details will be revealed .