Canada’s got a new mobile phone service provider that aims to provide flat-rate wireless phone services for the public. Public Mobile is their name, and they're expected to launch their affordable wireless service in third quarter of this year.

Actually, they’re not a completely new company as they are one and the same as BMV Holdings. Public Mobile makes use of the G Band spectrum, which for the most part, many considered worthless since no commercially available handset works on it right out of the box. However, Public Mobile proves that, with just a simple software change, any CDMA phone can easily take advantage of the G Band spectrum. They were able to purchase the G band spectrum which covers Ontario and Quebec thus limiting their availability to those provinces only once they launch later this year.

With everyone feeling the effect of the global financial crisis, their entry into the mobile telecommunications industry with the mindset of providing affordable services is a welcome development. Provided that the quality of service does not suffer as a result of their noble approach, they may corner a certain segment of the market which none of the existing telecom firms have been able to capture, and who knows, they may even get some to convert to their side as well.

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