The rumors of Fido selling a BlackBerry phone can finally be laid to rest as the discount carrier has now made everything official by offering the BlackBerry Pearl 8100. This possibility has been widely discussed in the past with a Fido-branded model even getting leaked, so this shouldn’t surprise anyone at this point in time. The Fido BlackBerry Pearl 8100 is retailing for $25 on a 3-yr contract with data plan. Data plan options include $15 for unlimited personal email and IM, $25 for 500MB, $30 for 1GB and $60 for 3GB.

Opting to go for a month-to-month plan will cost you $400 to get the Pearl 8100.

Sure, the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 may be a bit outdated since both the Bold and Storm have been out for quite sometime now, but hey, it can still get the job done. Now that the Pearl 8100 is being offered under their brand; will you be signing up for a Fido subscription anytime soon, or are you still waiting on more BlackBerry phones to be offered as part of their line-up?