With the World Mobile Congress fast approaching, rumors that Dell will finally come out with a mobile phone of their own have started to flare up once again. According to Wall Street Journal, the renowned PC maker could debut or just simply announce a handset as early as next month. Dell has already made known their plans to skip the grand event so this will happen at a different venue.

Word is that they’ve already got several prototypes made already. One is full touchscreen device and the other equipped with a sliding QWERTY keyboard with Android and Windows Mobile under the hood. Of course, with people like Ron Garriques, former head of Motorola’s phone division, and John Thode, another Motorola employee, now part of their workforce, it’s not hard to believe rumors of a Dell phone being released in the near future, but nothing’s final at the moment.

However, with PC-rival maker Acer debuting a smartphone next month, it wouldn’t be surprising at all if Dell felt a little more pressure to join the mobile phone industry. Anyway, the handset market always has its doors open for more players, and as the saying goes; the more, the merrier, right? So make your mind Dell and join the party. We're just waiting on you.