If you were a victim of the Curse of Silence or just still feel vulnerable after reading about the existence of such a threat, then maybe this latest bit of news will ease some of your fears.

Nokia has come out with a fix for the Curse of Silence threat. You can download it from here to your PC and install it to your phone via the Nokia PC Suite. Likewise, you can download and install it directly to your phone by visiting www.europe.nokia.com/smscleaner using your phone’s browser. However, they do note that the Curse might be queued in your telecoms SMS Center which would mean you'll have to run the fix again and again.

This is exactly why we were hoping for a firmware update as opposed to just a software fix to resolve the issue, but nonetheless, we still appreciate their effort. Hopefully, they'll take this into consideration and come out with a firmware update soon for all affected phones which will completely eliminate such a threat in their system.