If you think you’ve seen the most luxurious iteration of the Nokia 8800 in the Gold Arte, you’re sadly mistaken. Goldstriker’s Stuart and Katherine Hughes of the UK is planning to release a diamond and platinum designed 8800 aptly called the Nokia Royal.

It showcases 1160 tiny diamonds embedded around the 8800’s form factor which totals about 8.2 carats. If that’s not enough, it’s covered in platinum with 8 handmade platinum screws as part of the design. Only 50 units will be made, and it’ll be packaged in a box made of granite and leather which should be a good indication how expensive this new 8800 iteration will be. The Nokia Royal is set to be launched on January 31st in Paris at the Colette Boutique. You can either fly to Paris to pay for it personally or you can get it online through Stuart and Katherine Hughe’s website.

While I personally don’t find the Nokia Royal as stunning as the other Nokia 8800 iterations out now, this should be a nice addition to your elegant collection of mobile phones if you’re a huge fan of diamonds.