If you’re a Sony Ericsson mobile phone owner, you might want to read this interesting bit of news. Apparently, their BST-33 Li-Polymer battery is showing signs that it could be a ticking lawsuit just waiting to happen.

Even though it's supposed to be more stable and less prone to swelling and fire than the conventional Li-Ion batteries, these pictures sent in by an Engadget reader should raise concern over its safety. His BST-33 battery has apparently swollen to a full 7-mm in thickness from its standard 4-mm. It’s a battery he uses on his W880i handset and while there's no way to verify if indeed it is an authentic Sony Ericsson battery, erring on the side of caution is our best advice at the moment.

Apart from the W880i, the following are some of the other Sony Ericsson phones that use the same type of battery:

  • C702
  • G502
  • K530i
  • K550im
  • K800i
  • K810i
  • M600i
  • P1i
  • P990i
  • W300i
  • W302
  • W595
  • W610i
  • W660i
  • W705
  • W850i
  • W950i
  • W960i
  • Z320i
  • Z530i
  • Z610i
  • Z750i

How about you guys? Are you experiencing anything out-of-the-ordinary with regards to your Sony Ericsson BST-33 battery?