We all know that T-Mobile and HTC are planning to release a follow-up to their relatively successful G1 Android phone, but when that day will come, what features it will sport and what it will look like are still a mystery. Well, not quite.

As far as its looks are concerned, these leaked images might have just ended whatever secrecy is left regarding the design of the upcoming T-Mobile G2. Based on the provided images, it seems that they’ve dumped the QWERTY keypad but retained the trackball navigation system. It's also clear in the photo below that it'll come with a 3.2-megapixel camera.

It still doesn’t look quite as impressive as other HTC designs available now, but nonetheless, it’s a decent improvement from the G1. Considering that the G1 was also leaked prior to its announcement, we’re guessing that it won't be long now before we hear an official announcement.