Samsung may have grabbed most of the phone sales headlines towards the end of last year, but it seems that LG also had a very fruitful 2008.

Managing to ship 100 million handsets last year, LG is now the third largest mobile phone producer beating established names such as Motorola and Sony Ericsson along the way. This is the first time the company has accomplished such a feat in its still very young life in the mobile phone industry. Nokia is still numero uno with 470 million phones sold and Samsung holds the #2 spot with 200 million units sold last year. Motorola was pretty close at #4 as they shipped 99.9 million units while Sony Ericsson only sold 96.6 million units.

That’s definitely a nice way to end the year, and apparently, LG has even bigger plans for this year. Will their efforts be enough for them to clinch the #2 spot in 2009? Well, that’s what we’ll all be keeping an eye on as the year slowly progresses and the mobile phone wars kick into fifth gear.