Trying to show that they care for the environment, Nokia has released an N79 Eco edition. It’s basically the same N79 mobile phone, but the package doesn't include a charger (they ask you to reuse your old Nokia charger) and ships in a smaller package. Likewise, for every N79 Eco sold, £4 is donated to the World Wide Fund to help them out with their cause.

While the N79 Eco does come with a lot less than standard retail packages, the price still remains the same at 319 or roughly about $467 which makes you wonder; is it really for the benefit of the WWF, or is Nokia just trying to make a quick buck or two? We’re pretty sure a mobile phone charger costs more than just £4 which begs the question; why is Nokia donating such a small amount to the organization when they’re obviously making more by offering less?

Anyway, environmental advocates probably wouldn’t mind paying for the phone especially if they know that the WWF stands to gain from it. No word though if it will be released in the North American region, but it is already available in Europe.