basecamp iphone applicationBasecamp? What is Basecamp? Is this some weird spinoff of CounterStrike that I can play on my iPhone??

Not quite, but Basecamp is a web service that is increasingly important to a large number of workers in today’s world of remote teams and online conferencing. Developed by the company 37signals, Basecamp is a web-based project management and team collaboration software. Having used this service extensively on a high profile, high cost project with team members from around the world that required dizzying amounts of communication, task, and file sharing management, I can say the service is as good as Basecamp touts.

Basecamp is a central repository that houses to-do lists, project milestones & timelines, messages to the project team, file storage & sharing, project time management, real-time chat, and others intuitive collaboration features. You can comment on anything posted anywhere to keep discussion going and it’s easy to follow activity within a project. File management is another plus, where version tracking is automated so you can upload multiple versions of the same file and it will automatically provide the newest version, but with access to the older ones.

My soapbox aside, iPhone users who use Basecamp can now rejoice. A company named morfunk developed a native iPhone app called Outpost (Outpost & Basecamp…get it?) that brings all the features of Basecamp straight to your iPhone. Rather than some hacked, modified, or compressed web interface that relies on you to wait for pages to load via 3G, Outpost brings Basecamp’s features into a native application so you can always stay on top of your project’s details from anywhere. What is even better is that it only costs $12.99 via the iTunes store.

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