We’ve heard prior reports that Windows Mobile-running devices will be lessened, and even though we weren’t ready to believe it from the get go, the recent Motorola rumor has made us think otherwise. Now, there's also news that HTC will likewise cut back on their Windows Mobile-powered device opting to focus more on Android-based phones.

While there is still no certainty to this, losing HTC is a great blow to the Windows Mobile front as most, if not all, of their phones run on Microsoft’s mobile OS. We don’t see Motorola’s departure from Windows Mobile having much of a significant impact since, in the greater context of things, they only have a minuscule number of handset running on WinMo, but HTC is a totally different case.

Anyway, for now we’ve got more than 2 dozen phones to look forward to from HTC most of which will certainly come with Windows Mobile under the hood. As to what lies beyond 2009, we still don’t know for sure, but if this new rumor is true, this may be the last year we’ll see a herd of Windows Mobile-powered phones coming out the doors of HTC.