Even though the recently concluded Macworld 2009 has crushed speculation that an iPhone Nano will be released in the said event, it seems that the rumors just won't die down.

This latest news is courtesy of DigitTimes and according to them, the chips that are going to be used in the device might be made in March with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing company (TSMC) and United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) being the supposed suppliers for the "low-cost entry-level iPhone Nano". They even go on to say that it will be launched at the earliest in June.

While we'd like to dismiss this as just another rumor, we just can't help but entertain the idea considering that several 3rd party accessory manufacturers are already selling iPhone Nano cases. How about you guys? Do you think the iPhone Nano has any chance of becoming a reality or is this just a figment of someone's imagination gone public?