We’re not quite sure how true this rumor is, but according to PhoneScoop, Motorola is planning to release less phone models starting this year and will likewise stop producing Windows Mobile-based devices. In place of the Microsoft mobile OS is Google’s Android OS.

motorola changes up executive team

This could be a direct result of the global economic crisis or their dwindling sales, but if ever this is the case, then the MotoSURF A3100 and Moto Q11 might be the last two Motorola devices will see running on Windows Mobile. Another unconfirmed rumor is that Motorola is likewise going to lay off 50% of its handset division workforce. That’s definitely worse news that the lessened production of phones for the here on end.

How bad will it get for Motorola is yet to be known, but since it's only the beginning of a whole new year, it could swing either way depending on how the market reacts. We'll just have to wait and see how things will pan out for Motorola and the thousands of workers employed under the ailing company.