In announcing the Palm Pre and its new WebOS, it’s almost mandatory that a mobile app store should be available for the said device. It’s a good thing that Palm didn’t disappoint.

It’s called the Palm App Catalog. While this news is a sign that Palm has done a good job of planning things out for the roll out of their smartphone, the Palm Mojo SDK is currently only in private release at the moment. This basically means that only a few developers are working Palm Pre-compatible apps. They assure, however, that the SDK will be released to more developers once it gets closer to the Palm Pre’s release.

Prospective Palm app developers for the mean time can check out the company’s recently launched Palm Developer Network Blog to get the latest news about the company's products. For what it’s worth, at least they've got everything carefully planned out for a major comeback in 2009. Hopefully, they’ll be able to deliver the goods when the need finally arises.