It seems that Amazon’s Kindle has got a new rival in the form of the Shortcovers app for the iPhone.

Otherwise known as the potential Kindle Killer, the Shortcovers app is a mobile bookstore for the iPhone that offers the latest titles from all the major publishers. The cost is $0.99/chapter or on a per book basis. The app itself has yet to get the go signal from Apple to go live on the App Store, but once it does, users can get the first chapter free.

Here’s a video below of Mike of Shortcovers talking about their app.

They also have plans of releasing a Shortcovers version for the BlackBerry, but that will probably only happen once the iPhone app is finally released to the public. As for it being a Kindle Killer, only time will tell but with the popularity of the iPhone and if the app is able to truly deliver as promised, then I have no doubt it can surpass the success of the Kindle.