If Apple has any plans on upgrading the iPhone’s graphics chip, the new PowerVR SGX543 which was unveiled at CES is certainly a prime candidate to fill the spot. It’s a fifth generation graphics accelerator for mobile phones from Imagination Technologies, and based on a report from AppleInsider, it could very well find its way into the next iteration of the iPhone.

So, what can the PowerVR SGX543 chip bring to the table? It’s said to be 40% faster for shader-heavy software and can push 50% more triangles in 3D graphics. More importantly, it is also efficient clocking in at only 200MHz while pushing 35 million polygons per second and 1 billion pixels per second. This is enough info to fuel speculation that an HD iPhone will be released in the near future with the PowerVR SGX543 chip at the very heart of it.

In any case, if ever the PowerVR SGX543 chip doesn’t make it to the Apple camp, we’re pretty optimistic that other mobile phone manufacturers won’t think twice in picking this baby up. With its impressive features, it will definitely lead to better graphics and 3D rendering in mobile phones.