If you want proof that the LG GD910 wrist watch phone is more than just a concept, then this video from LG Canada should be enough to convince you that it is indeed a fully functional device, and I must admit, it looks equally good live on video as it does in the pictures.

Aside from the touchscreen display, the GD910 watch phone has 3 buttons on the side which is sued to end a call, access the main menu and receive a call. Holding down the middle button activates the voice recognition to either make a call or for music playback. If you look close enough, you’ll find the camera used for video calling on the upper right hand corner. Video calling is done via PIP (picture in picture) so you basically see yourself as well as the person you’re talking to when using this mode.

Impressed already? We sure are, but unfortunately, price and availability info is still not available. Anyway, we’ll keep you guys posted once we get the official word on how much it will actually cost and when it will be released.