Some of our lucky readers out there may have already gotten their hands on a BlackBerry Storm. However, with the lack of colored variations available for the BlackBerry Storm, your brand new Storm will look just like everybody else's.

This is where Colorware comes into play. The company known for customizing a host of gadgets which includes computers, game consoles, and more importantly, mobile phones now does BlackBerry Storm personalization as well. Depending on what parts you wish to customize, you can end up paying as little as $129 or as much as $194 when you have yours modified. Likewise, you can buy a completely new BlackBerry Storm from them already designed according to your preference at a starting price of $919 for a basic color.

Unfortunately, this service is available in the US only and will take about 2-3 weeks to ship. So, if you’ve got relatives or friends living a little south of the border, why not ask them for a huge favor and have your new BlackBerry Storm outfitted with your chosen colors for that more personalized look.