Even though no definite line-up was mentioned, DigiTimes reports that HTC has made known their intention of releasing around 10 new handsets in 2009. That’s just 2 handsets shy of one new model for every month of the year.

The new handsets will use either Microsoft’s mobile operating system or the news Android OS under the hood. HTC has also expressed a desire to use Ericsson EMP chips for their new 3.5G capable devices in exchange for those manufactured by Qualcomm. With HTC building the XPERIA X1 for Sony Ericsson, this might be an X-deal in the works or just a sign of mutual respect between the companies.

Whatever the case, we’re excited by the fact that we’ve already received confirmation that a bunch of new phones will indeed be released by HTC this year. We’re just hoping this releases happen sooner rather than later.