Do you love to chat on your mobile phone while driving or in the car? Then why not get yourself a hands-free kit so that you won’t have to fiddle around with your mobile phone when answering or making calls.

Nextar NXBT-002 hands-free kit

If that sounds like a good idea to you, both the Nextar NXBT-001 and NXBT-002 easily connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, but what truly makes these special is that you no longer have to connect them to your car’s cigarette adapter hub for charging since they are solar-powered. The NXBT-001 comes with 250 hours standby time and 10 hours talk time, while the NXBT-002, which also features a caller ID display, boasts of 150 hours standby time and 6 hours talk time.

Both are expected to hit the market in the Spring of 2009 with a $59.99 (NXBT-001) and $69.99 (NXBT-002) price tag. I guess that should give you more than enough time to save your pennies if you've already blown them all on your recent holiday shopping spree.