Here’s a warning for all those using an S60-based Nokia phone. A new serious vulnerability has been discovered in the S60 software which can block all incoming SMS and MMS. It’s considered a Remote SMS/MMS Denial of Service and has been aptly called the Curse of Silence.

What’s worse is that it can easily implemented, simply by sending out a tweaked SMS to any S60-running Nokia phone. The fact that it's that easy makes the whole idea even more alarming. What's the good news? bad as it sounds, it isn’t without a fix. A simple hard reset will return your phone to its normal state, but that’s quite a hassle and you never really know when you’re phone has been struck by the Curse until someone actually points it out to you.

Here’s a video below demonstrating its lethal nature:

So the next time you notice that your S60-running Nokia phone isn't receiving SMS or MMS for a complete day, try hard resetting it and see if it returns to normal. If not, then it’s best to bring it to the service center nearest you.