For many, the Palm OS can pretty much be considered dead as we have yet to see a more up-to-date version of it become available in the current market. However, CES 2009 might just be the venue where we see a resurrection of the Palm OS and a feast of new gadgets to showcase it.

Actually, Palm never really exactly stated a new OS being unveiled in the annual event. It’s an open-ended teaser mentioning some Palm New-ness coming to CES which can easily be interpreted as just a bunch of new gadgets, but BusinessWeek is convinced that it will in fact be the new Palm OS called Nova that will be taking center stage. I hope this bit of news is true since its been a while since we've seen Palm release an upgrade to its aging OS and a fresh new alternative is always welcome in the mobile OS scene.

We’ve got several more weeks to go before CES to find out the truth behind this intriguing Palm invitation. However, those looking forward to the commercial release of Nova will have to wait several more months as the mid-2009 availability date hasn’t changed just yet.