Aside from Kogan, it seems that there’s another new Android phone on the block. China’s Sciphone has unveiled their version of the Android phone which they aptly named the Dream G2.

However, unlike the Agora or HTC G1, the Dream G2 fails to impress. Sure, it’s got a 2.8-inch QVGA touchscreen, 4-megapixel camera (first time we encountered such a rating), WiFi, FM tuner, 1500mHa battery, runs on Android Home edition V1.0 and is very compact with a 56×107.2×11.8mm figure, but it’s got a lot of essential features missing. The lack of 3G and GPS is forgivable, but the absence of a QWERTY keypad and support for text input using the numeric keypad is the nail to its coffin. With the Android OS not featuring an onscreen keyboard, how on earth will you input text on the Dream G2? It'll make or a pretty fancy touchscreen device, but as far as productivity and functionality is concerned, it'll be next to useless.

It’s scheduled to begin shipping within the month with a $174 price tag. It might be pretty affordable, but with its mediocre feature set, I’d rather go with the slightly more expensive but more functional Agora. The Sciphone Dream G2 definitely qualifies as one of the devices we would highly recommend you skip out on if ever you chance upon it in the market.