We’ve got disappointing news for all those who were really looking forward to some BlackBerry goodies from Fido. Fido has apparently released a memo to all employees which refutes prior speculation that BlackBerry phones will be introduced as part of their line-up.

An internet mobile magazine is speculating that Fido is about to launch RIM BlackBerry products. Please take note that the New Fido has a great phone line up, however BlackBerry is not part of the line up at this time. We do not speculate on future products or services.

So that’s an official NO to BlackBerry phones straight from Fido’s mouth. However, if you pay close attention to their wording, the phrase at this time does give a glimmer of hope. Will RIM devices eventually become available on Fido? Nobody knows, but we prefer not to speculate on such matters unless we want them to totally junk the idea again just because we spoiled the surprise.